Science Olympiad State Competition

Science Olympiad State Competition

Jaguar Family,

Our Science Olympiad Team ended the season at UCF on Saturday, March 30th at the State competition. The students competed hard against 39 of the top Science teams in the state and made Jackson proud!! We medaled in 4 events.

Road Scholar (3rd place)   Nadia Khan & Ansh Shah

Elastic Launched Glider (4th place)   Sahil Patel & Ansh Shah

Circuit Lab (5th place)  Ved Patel & Abigail David

Dynamic Planet (5th place)  Shyam Patel & Ved Patel


The Science Olympiad team would also like to send out a special shout out to Mr. Baumbach who when I erroneously left materials needed for an event in 30 minutes  came to school, met me at a gas station and enabled me get it to the competition in  nick of time. Thanks Mr. Baumbach for being a SuperHero!!

If you see the following students please congratulate them on their hard work and dedication and notice in one of the pictures the students surprised me with goodies that each individual member contributed!! This is why I LOVE JACKSON MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!

~Mrs. Wilkerson

The members of the Science Olympiad are as follows:

1.       Thomas Santhosh

2.       Gabin Sabu

3.       Shyam Patel

4.       Abigail David

5.       Sahil Patel

6.       Nadia Khan

7.       Ansh Shah

8.       Siya Patel

9.       Harris Justin

10.   Quinlan Coryat

11.   Abel Mathews

12.   Krishna Patel

13.   Jesvin Santhosh

14.   Ved Patel

 Jackson Science Olympiad team at State Competition
Jackson Science Olympiad team giving their team leader, Mrs. Wilkerson, a gift
Mrs. Wilkerson and her gift from the Science Olympiad team
Jackson Science Olympiad team
Jackson Science Olympiad team (not all members pictured)
Jackson Science Olympiad team members