Language Arts

Language Arts

Parent Letter about Literacy

Dear Parents,

All of us at Jackson Middle School understand the importance of literacy. We are here to help your child and you in this process. Below is a list of ideas to help you support your child's journey in becoming a good reader.

  • If you have "closed captioning" on your TV, turn it on and have your child READ as they listen
  • READ to them every chance you get, discuss for understanding.
  • Have them READ to you.
  • When at the store or driving around, have your child READ signs, billboards, labels or directions.
  • Have them write you a note, then have them READ it to you so they connect written words to spoken words.
  • Use games, puzzles, or activities to work with words.
  • Have your child READ comic strips or cartoons. Ask them to draw a cartoon, or continue the "story" of the comic strip.
  • Stay in touch with your child's teacher and get to know all of the coaches at the school. They will support you in this journey of reading.
  • Remember...READING IS FUN!