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"Good evening, Good evening, 

I am sending this email simply to say how impressed I was with your school and the students. I live and teach middle school in New Smyrna Beach. Yesterday I was in a pizza place on Flagler Ave. and a pretty large group of students came in with a couple teachers. At the time I figured they were a summer camp and was instantly dreading the rest of lunch with such a huge group in a pretty small place. To my surprise, the students were so calm, respectful, and followed directions immediately. They were so impressive I even asked a teacher, who I assumed was a camp leader at the time, where they were from. She told me they were from Jackson Middle School in Orlando and they were here for the day to do a beach clean up. On top of the spectacular behavior, they were in my home town cleaning up the beach? I said how great that was, walked out and told my mom and aunt, fellow teachers, who the group was and why they were here. They were also in awe of the behavior and community service. 

Kudos to you and your awesome school/ group of students! And thank you for helping keep my hometown beach clean. 

7th Grade Science 

New Smyrna Beach Middle School"

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