Policies - Know the Rules

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To ensure a safe and efficient dismissal for all students there are no checkouts after 3:25 PM (Wednesdays 2:31 PM). Identification is required.

Para garantizar una salida segura y eficiente para todos los estudiantes, no se despacharan estudiante despues de las 3:25 PM (Miercoles 2:31 PM). Requerimos identificacion.

School ID

All students must carry their I.D. card at all times during school hours and at all school-sponsored activities. Student I.D. is required for use of computers in the Media Center, all school related activities, ticket purchase, cafeteria food purchase, hall passes, etc. 

Code of Student Conduct

In order to maintain a positive learning environment for all students; school, team, and individual teacher’s classroom expectations for appropriate behavior must be followed at all times. Students failing to meet these expectations will be subject to disciplinary action as listed in the OCPS Code of Student Conduct. Student discipline referrals will be processed by the grade level administrator. Consequences for inappropriate behavior can include (but is not limited to), verbal warnings, parent contact, alternative classroom settings, detentions, In-School Suspension (ISS) and/or Out-of-School Suspension (OSS). The Code of Student Conduct will be reviewed with all students each 9 weeks during the year.