No Child Left Behind


In order to be promoted to the next grade level, students in Grades 4-8 must show mastery of grade level work above an FCAT Reading score of Level 1. This policy has been approved by the Orange County School Board in order to reduce the promotions of students who are not ready for success with the academic work required at the next grade level.


If a student scores a Level 1 in the FCAT Reading, the student must be retained unless he or she qualifies for an exemption. The exemption may be based on specific learner characteristics (such as a student new to the English language or a student with exceptional education needs), remediation, or proof of performance mastery in works other than the FCAT test. These exemptions include:

1. An LEP student with less than two years of ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) services and with LEP committee recommendation;

2. An ESE student with an IEP (Individual Education Plan) for satisfactory completion of an alternate assessment other than FCAT and with an IEP team recommendation;
3. A student achieving a score of comparable proficiency above FCAT Reading Level 1 on an alternative test: the NRT (Norm Reference Test), the SAT-10 (Stanford Achievement Test), the DRP (Degrees of Reading Power) or reading program assessments used in the school-based reading program.
4. An ESE student with a year of previous retention and documentation of reading interventions; or, a non-ESE student with two years of previous retention and documentation of reading interventions.

Additional Requirements for Middle School:

For middle school students, the passing of four academic courses (three of which include English, math, science or social studies) is also required. At the end of Grade 8, if a student has not met promotion requirements, a mandatory summer session must be attended. If the student makes sufficient progress in this session as documented by learning gains in reading, then the student will be promoted to Grade 9. If the student does not make sufficient progress as indicated by an alternate assessment measure, the student will be retained.


If your child is deficient in reading, please work closely with your child's teachers to establish the strongest program of support for increased skills in reading. The more time your child is involved with reading activities, the higher the reading achievement will be. Your support with reading activities at home will be a very important part of your child's progress and success.


For students who have entered 6th grade in the 2006-2007 school year, new state legislation has changed the promotion requirements for these students from 8th grade into high school. The law requires that by the end of 8th grade in 2009, students will have passed courses in English, math, social studies and science for each of the three years of middle school. Students also will have to successfully complete one semester course in career and educational planning. The Student Progression Plan of Orange County Public Schools further requires that a student earn an FCAT reading score above a Level 1 in order to be promoted from 6th, 7th, or 8th grade.

Within these next three years of middle school, if your child fails any of the required courses in 6th, 7th or 8th grade, the course will need to be recovered in order to be promoted from the 8th grade. Options for course recovery may include:

Summer school

Course repetition in lieu of an elective class
Extended after-school sessions for course recovery
Tutoring and evidence of mastery performance

Our school district is awaiting further technical assistance from the Florida Department of Education on final approved options for course recovery. If your child fails a required course, we will work with you to identify a recovery plan so that your child can progress and stay on track for promotion from the 8th grade. If your child's FCAT reading score is at Level 1 or 2, instructional interventions and progress monitoring will also be provided.

Failure of more than one course per year or an FCAT reading score at Level 1 may warrant non-promotion.

For more information, please visit US Department of Education- No Child Left Behind